Brows On Fleek Tip

How do you make your brow tint last longer? 

Great Question!

You avoid washing them! What??? Ewww! Not trying to be gross or unsanitary but hear me out. Of course you must wash your face but you don't need to scrub it, unless your getting a facial. 

In order for your brows to stay tinted longer, you're going to want to follow the below instructions. After all, the purpose of our VIVE BROW tint is to cut down on your morning makeup routine and thus making your life easier.😉

After you follow the directions on how to apply and remove the VIVE BROW tint, you want to keep away from water for at least 8 hours and you don't want to touch those brows allowing the tint to settle on the skin. 

  1. You wash your face with a good cleanser avoiding the brow area.
  2. When your ready to rinse off the cleanser then you'll just rinse your entire face, taking extra care to be gentle on the brows. 
  3. Then pat dry your face, do not rub or tug at your skin with the towel, especially around the brow area.      

So there you have it! Your brow tint can last up to 3 days if you follow these simple, easy to follow cleansing steps. 

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